What is a Pet Expo?

As part of the Long Island Family Festival The Family Pet Shows offers our Pet Expo in the Park which like our other events is designed to educate the public about the wonderful World of pets. It promotes responsible pet ownership and care. There are vendors with pet related products and a ring set up with
demonstrations such as agility, obedience, dancing with your dog, frisbee, a parade of breeds and a pet costume contest. While more dog oriented we also usually have a reptile show, the LI parrot society,ferrets and some cat groups.

Can I Bring My Pet?

Yes – leashed pets are welcome. Please use common sense when bringing your pet. If your pet gets nervous around large crowds or does not interact well with people or other pets, please leave them home!

Retractable leashes are not permitted – Please bring necessary cleaning products to clean up after 

your pet should they have an accident on the show floor.

Is there a fee for parking?

On weekends there is free parking on the streets otherwise there is a fee at surrounding parking garages.

What are the hours of the show? 

Sat 10am-8pm and Sun 10am-5pm