2019 Special Attractions



Jessica Edgerly –  Central K9

Jessica Edgerly and her world caliber Frisbee dogs will be performing at the Connecticut Pet Expo all weekend.

Jessica started her career in dog training in 1996 after attending the US Canine Academy in Waterbury Ct and receiving her certificate in Dog Training.

Jessica opened her dog obedience business, Central K-9 and now after 17 years has turned it into an all-inclusive dog training sports center offering classes in Frisbee, Agility, Dock diving, Barn Hunt, Obedience, Rally O Obedience, Nose work and confirmation.

Her border collies Diesel and Ranger won at the National championship for dock diving. She has multiple wins on all her dogs and they are well rounded for competitions which emphasizes Jessica’s ability to train dogs.  See Jessica and her performing dogs at the Connecticut Pet Expo!







DogLoversDay Lure Course

Your dog will have a blast running the lure course.  Your family dog can let loose and be a star as they have fun running the agility lure course.  A fee will be charges.








Parade of Breeds

Calling all purebred dogs! Participate with your dog in the Parade of Breeds to be held on Saturday October 19th in the Dog Arena.  Open to purebred dogs 6 months of age and up.

There is no fee to enter but everyone must pay the admission fee to the show.  Pets must be healthy, free from parasites and have all the necessary shots.

You can print the form to participate under Waivers/Forms on this site or email us at Karen@familypetshows.com and we will email or fax you the form.



Halloween Pet Costume Contest and Parade

Calling all pets to the Halloween Pet Costume Contest and Parade on Saturday October 19th.

All pets  are welcome to enter so bring them to have a howling good time. You can print the form under Waivers/Forms on this site or email us at Karen@familypetshows.com and we will email you the form.



Rainforest Reptile Shows

We’re back!!  Once again Ranforestr Reptile Shows will be visiting The Family Pet Expo.

For over 25 years Michael Ralbovsky and Joaney Gallagher along with their staff will be bringing along some remarkable fascinating animals.  This year we have partnered up with the RRS Oasis Education Conservation Facility (a 501 c3 charity).  All of the animals appearing are obtained through confiscations from the US Fish and Wildlife, law enforcement and some are just unwanted pets…    They are receiving a second lease on life.  We will provide fun educational presentations daily and you may even have an opportunity to take photo.  The staff is glad to answer all your animal questions with over 100 years of combined experience!

Reptiles Rock!

Why does a snake stick out its toungue?  What are those bumps on an alligators back?  Why is it important to save the rainforest and habitats of the world?  These and many more questions will be answered in this etraordinary presentation.

Rainforest Reptile Shows







Top Hat and Tails

K-9 Musical Freestyle is simply dancing with dogs to music.  It is a fun sport for the owners and dogs, and the audience.  It has also been referred to as the “Tail Waggin’ Sport”!  Based on basic obedience training, it adds other dimensions such as music, timing, costuming, routine development and showmanship.

The performers at the show will be: Carrie Neri and her Australian Shepherd, Lyric. Miniature Amrican Shepherd, Rhythm and Papillon, Ortiz; Nancy Triou & her Flat-Coated Retriever, Ella; Joan Hamel & her Doberman Pinscher, Malaika; and  Laurie Sullivan and her Golden Retrievers Bowie, Georgia & Ricochet.

These performers are all members of the World Canine Freestyle Organization (WCFO, Inc.) which is a non-profit corporation, founded to globally promote the joys and fun of responsible pet ownership through musical canine freestyle, both as a sport and an entertainment medium.  They have performed at venues all over New England including various fundraisers, pet expos, fairs, dog shows and nursing homes. They have also been featured in several books, newspaper articles and television shows.  All of them have earned titles and placements in freestyle competitions.













The International Cat Association Cat Show

Hosted by the Cats Ahoy Cat Club. A TICA sanctioned cat show will be held at the Connecticut Pet Expo. See the usual and not so usual breeds of cats competing for the blue ribbon!  There will be  a cat costume contest, best dressed cage contest and best dressed human costume contest too.







East Hartford K9 Police Demonstration

The East Hartford K9 Police Unit will present a demonstration at the Connecticut Pet Expo

These K9 Demonstrations are designed to portray the skill involved and the work performed by the K9 teams plus give both children and adults an opportunity to gain knowledge about the K9 Unit.


Birds of Prey Program


Blue Moon Raptors

Secret Life of Owls

It seems that owls have always been surrounded by an air of mystery, probably because most are nocturnal and not easily spotted in the wild. This is your chance to be only a few feet away from two eastern screech owls, a barred owl and a great-horned owl! Discover the extraordinary features of owls, including exceptional eyesight, hearing, and ability to fly silently.


Horizon Wings Raptor Rehabilitation And Education

Horizon Wings will present four Raptors including a Bald eagle, Learn their individual stories of how they came to stay with us, as well as the characteristics and behaviors of each species.








Author Connie Bombaci 

Author Connie Bombaci will be at the Connecticut Pet Expo with her inspirational book Hogan’s Hope. Proceeds will benefit the Connecticut Humane Society. Her book is a great holiday gift for pet lovers.

Connie has appeared with her deaf dog Hogan on TV Shows such as Oprah, Animal Adventures and more.

She will be giving a presentation each day Hear her tell the story of Hogan and how deaf dogs can learn and love, just like any other pet. You will meet her dog Judea who will show you her ability to understand and do things.

There will be a question answer time after the presentation.












Rabbit Hopping

Presented by Adventure Bunny Rabbit Hopping

Rabbit Hopping? Yep, think steeple chase for your bunny. Adventure Bunny will present rabbit hopping demonstrations at the show all weekend. Come see a side to rabbits that few think possible.

There are classes offered Saturday and Sunday mornings at 10 a.m. There will be practice time available throughout the day. Rabbits learn quickest by watching experienced rabbits. Join us for this unique opportunity. You won’t regret it.

If your rabbit is already trained, register for course practice time.

Pre-registration for the classes preferred. Bring your rabbit in a closed bottom leak-proof carrier, no straw or hay please. Approved H-style harnesses required (available at show). Handler must wear sneakers to use the course.

Check us out on www.rabbithopping.com

For questions or to pre-register, email  info@rabbithopping.com. Please put in the subject line “Pet Expo Registration” Include your name, age (adult/child), rabbit name, & rabbit age.